UMzi Online Radio (UOR) is digital radio station that educate the youth and community focusing on history, heritage, and fighting crime in the community with a digital voice with the positive mindset. The station is based in Zwelethemba, Worcester in the Breede Valley Municipality in the Western Cape initiated under UMzi Communications by Sigqibo Radebe Mrubata.

…or UMzi Online Radio is:

The station that encourages the teachings of background, origins, religious, cultural, community development, give recognition to community builders. Its a community voice that give access to information using the power of technology. The word UMzi in isiXhosa means alot, UMzi is building up a family, a childrens who are groomed in Emzini they are groomed the way of respect, with cultural values. UMzi is a healthy home, a home with values, respect, dignity and knowing who you are and where you from also where you are going to.